Birthday/Celebration Candles


Make your next celebration a clean burning, environmentally friendly one with this unique candles.

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NOTE:  If you select “Other” for your color choice, please add a note to your purchase letting us know which colors from our color palette you have chosen.  We will be happy to accommodate you.

Switching to beeswax candles is better for your health and for the environment.

Our hand rolled candles are:

  • 100% Beeswax – most candles are generally made from paraffin wax; paraffin oil is also commonly used.
  • All Cotton Wick – nothing added!
  • Natural Honey Scent – like the hives from which they come.
  • Longer Burn Time – making them more economical.
  • Smokeless – no lead in our wicks.
  • Dripless – in still air conditions
  • Air Ionizing – clean burning to clean the air over time.
  • NO artificial scents – chemicals that are bad for our personal health are also more likely to release toxic chemicals, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide into the air and water.

See the color palette for the available color choices.

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