Tapers – Twisted – single/two color


8-inch tapers come in pairs (2 candles). Each candle is 8″ length x 3/4″ diameter with an approximate burn time of 2 – 4 hours.┬áDripless and great for weddings. Choose the same color for both colors to order solid colored candles.

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Store-bought candles are generally made from paraffin wax; paraffin oil is also commonly used. Switching to beeswax candles is better for your health and for the environment. Chemicals that are bad for our personal health are also more likely to release toxic chemicals, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide into the air and water.

These candles are 100% clean burning, environmentally friendly, smoke-free, dripless in still air conditions, 100% hand rolled beeswax candles! And the wicks are all cotton!